New Book Reveals: 3 Reasons You Must Love Yourself to Manifest Dreams in 2016 & Beyond

This simple and easy-to-read book will show you... how to "Go beyond what your eyes can see". The book gives you the tools to awake with intent and mindset to conquer and fulfill your purpose.

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In this Book You Will Discover...

  • Book Benefit 1

    Answers the questions “Can you truly love someone else without loving ‘yourself’ first?”

  • Book Benefit 2

    Learn how to fend off the debilitating experience of uncertainty  and self doubt.

  • Book Benefit 3

    You get the 4 questions that help you turn a negative experience into an opportunity to better yourself.

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It All Starts With You is a compelling and inspirational guidebook to finding the peace and love we all desire. Layllen's vulnerability and honesty grab you from the very beginning. This book is a must for anyone struggling to break the chains of hurt, failure, and a troubled past. By the end, you are left hopeful and encouraged that you are enough and the desires of your heart are within your grasp

Africa Miranda
Africa Miranda London based Author of 'EVERYTHING' • Founder of the online community Women of Worth

Layllen lays it all out on how important it is to learn how to love yourself FIRST. Without ever achieving that, you will struggle with trusting yourself and giving love to others. Thank you Layllen for pouring your experience into something that I have struggled with for years. I recommend Love It All Starts With You for anyone who is struggling with finding out how to love yourself and why it is such an integral part of self-completion. An excellent read for not only singles but those in relationships as well."

Arvin Poole
Arvin Poole Start-Up Entrepreneur & Founder, PeriHacks, Day With Daddy,

This book is a beautiful expression of understanding the true essence of love, and that it first begins in us. Written with eloquence and beauty, it is a reflection of the writer's belief that the journey of love to completion starts with self acceptance which transcribes to forgiveness which then makes us limitless. A fantastic read.

Janine Cummings
Janine Cummings London based Author of 'EVERYTHING' • Founder of the online community Women of Worth
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