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How to Sell & Deliver Your Niche Solution To Willing Buyers

How to Automate the Sale and Delivery of Your Niche Solutions With

LeanMobileApps offers world class consulting to advance your path to a scientifically successful mobile future. We follow an optimized standard 5-step process custom tailored to your organization’s unique needs, goals and objective. . The process begins with learning your business and its goals, and ends with the development of a strategic and tactical project plan with timeline and milestones set for your success:

  • Your Goals: what problem are you solving & what do you seek to accomplish with your apps?
  • Your Niche Audience: who is you niche audience? who is you avatar whom will download your app?
  • Time and Cost estimates for your project: we help define and develop the budget with a step by step plan.
  • Mobile Business Application Strategy: your app as part of your future app portfolio, but you are now and advertiser so how will your UX and UI impact your process.
  • That Special Sauce: what can make your app have staying power?

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